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Fidelity Financial Group's mission is help families and businesses manage and preserve their assets by providing caring personal service with sound financial strategies.

Our goal is building relationships with our clients and learning everything we can about their financial life, in order to help manage and grow their assets throughout all of life's stages: young adult/college age, growing a family, career driven individuals, pre-retirement, & retirement years and beyond.

You may be overwhelmed with all of the advice available online and confused about the information you receive. You deserve to have a clean understanding of how your money and assets work in your life. By working with a Financial Services Expert that has your best interest in mind, you can achieve clarity and confidence that your money is working for you.

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Hi, I'm Stephen J. Randazzo

I'm the President and Founder of Fidelity Financial Group with more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, specializing in retirement planning and the preservation and growth of assets.

As an independent advisor in the financial services industry these past 30 years I have helped almost 2000 people with their personal and financial objectives. Each of these 2000 had different objectives, financial situations, family dynamics, and challenges. All are treated with the utmost personal care and attention.

Retirement planning can be compared to playing a game of chess, you need to know which pieces to move on the board and when. Financial decisions should always be based on proven mathematical formulas and not on emotion. This math working in conjunction with a proprietary holistic approach has enabled my clients to achieve confidence and a stress free retirement.

"I have been working with Steve for several years and am probably one of his most challenging clients. Mostly a challenge because of my lack of knowledge with retirement planning. Where do I start, what are my options, what does all this information mean? I was struggling to be honest. I had a considerable amount of money to invest, but where? Who do I trust? And then out of the blue came Steve.

Many months of conversations ensued until finally we had a face-to-face visit. Then covid came and time again elapsed. Finally, we reconvened and got back on track and the rest is history. Other life changing events occurred and again Steve was there to assist me in making some very important decisions that hopefully will help me with my future retirement and maintaining my current lifestyle.

Steve is a credit to his organization. He has taught me a great deal about investments and how to protect my assets. I could not have done this without him. My thanks to Steve for all the hours and visits he has made to help me to prepare for my retirement."

Nancy L.

"We feel fortunate to have met Steve 7 years ago in our search for a financial advisor and a planner to guide us through the approaching decade leading to retirement age. He was the first professional to take the time and effort to assess our background re: family, occupations, goals and pathways to accomplish what to us, was an overwhelming task.

We were impressed with his attention to detail; being thorough and patient with teaching us the components involved. It has been a successful journey with Steve, steadfast & true to his principals.

We were both able to retire a few months early - everything in place, amazing to us considering the economic impacts we are all experiencing. He has secured our heard earned money, improved our lifestyle and made provisions for helping our children and their families. So knowledgable! He's the best!"

Sue and Roger D.

“We have been working with Steve for over 6 years & would highly recommend his services! He is a great planner, possesses great attention to detail, and is not traditional in his approaches- which sets him apart. He is extremely knowledgeable. He takes the time to understand your personal goals & has such a focus on family, which is of utmost importance to us. He is patient, thorough and truly cares."

Megan and Adam P.

“We have been collaborating with Steve for a number of years, to prepare for a comfortable retirement. We could not be more pleased with his guidance and advice. He has always been very punctual and quick to respond. He was very focused in helping us reach our goal.” "

Bob & Marguerite A.

Fidelity Financial Group Stress Free Method

Fidelity Financial Group empowers you to make the right financial decisions so that you can meet your income needs, preserve and not outlive your assets and live comfortably in your retirement years. Our team is committed to helping you achieve financial security with our years of experience, educating you on what you need to know and then a customized and careful plan, unique to each individual and circumstance.


Step 1: Discovery Meeting

Our goal during a discovery meeting is to dive in and get to know you on a personal and financial level. We learn where you are financially, where you want to go, and what gaps exist in between. We work with you to create a plan that helps you to achieve your goals and vision for the future.


Step 2: Education, Strategy, & Review

This is where you review the comprehensive and customized plan that we put together, based on our proprietary strategies and knowledge. You'll be educated on all aspects of the tools & techniques that we implement as we believe knowledge will empower you to achieve confidence and clarity.


Step 3: Gain Confidence & Peace of Mind

Our team will put your plan into action and will monitor your investment plan and performance to ensure that your financial plan stays on target. You can sit back and relax, knowing that you are on a path to achieve your goals and are free to focus on what is most important to you.

Happy family receiving financial guidance

Over 30 Years as a Financial Executive

It's never to early or late to plan for your retirement years.

Happy family receiving financial guidance

Over 30 Years as a Financial Executive

It's never to early or late to plan for your retirement years.