Strategic Financial Guidance
To Protect Your Future

Fidelity Financial Group provides financial planning strategies to help you accumulate wealth while protecting assets

We work with you to create an investment strategy that aligns with your goals, in order to minimize risk and maximize your hard earned money. We take into account all aspects of your financial life and adjust accordingly along the way.

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Employer-sponsored retirement plans

I outline and explain all aspects of employee-sponsored retirement plans to individuals who need guidance understanding how to use the plan they are on. I empower individuals through education on how to make the best strategic choices for their financial lives.

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Tax-efficient strategies & Investments

My unique proprietary strategy allows you to accomplish you objectives and make the right choices in order to maximize your tax investments. I provide education and guidance on how to look at your portfolio and make objective choices to align with your unique goals.

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There is a lot to learn when it comes to income planning for retirement. I help you make sense of .every single piece of your retirement puzzle so that you can accomplish your income goals while maintaining your lifestyle.

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Long-term care

Protecting your loved ones from the financial burden if you should ever become unable to care for yourself can provide peace of mind and protect your retirement savings. Understanding Long term care insurance can be overwhelming, and you will need the expertise of an experienced advisor

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Estate planning and preservation

Estate planning is a crucial and often overlooked component of a sound financial plan. It can help you not only preserve your wealth, but also provide for your loved ones long after your gone. I help you with a legacy plan that truly reflects your vision.

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Annuities & Asset

Annuities are long term investment vehicles that can offer some of the best protection available for your retirement savings. We provide you with personalized advice to help you understand how annuities can work for you.